Antinocyceptive activity of the colloid solution of nanosilver in experiment

Nefodov, Alexander and Dronov, Sergey and Nefodova, Elena and Shatornaya, Vera and Onul, Natalia and Zadesenets, Igor (2017) Antinocyceptive activity of the colloid solution of nanosilver in experiment. Modern Science — Moderní věda, № 5. pp. 60-66. ISSN 2336-498X


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In modern science, there is a promising application of nanotechnology in various fields of applied medicine. The interest to the development of products based on nanostructured silver is growing, due to the pharmacological properties that the metal shows at the nanoscale level. The work carried out to study the effect of nanosilver colloid solution on the performance of the antinociceptive activity in models of electrodermal stimulation of rat tail root and "acetic acid writhing". On the model of electrodermal stimulation of rat tail root can suggest a mild analgesic component in a colloidal solution of nanosilver in comparison with the drug - referent that is diclofenac sodium. On the model of "acetic acid writhing" Nanocolloids of silver has a fairly pronounced anti-nociceptive properties comparable to the classical non-opioid analgesic diclofenac sodium. Due to the lack of available data on pain mechanisms nanosilver possible further, more detailed study of the antinociceptive activity in other models of pain in order to identify the alleged mechanisms of anesthesia, as well as expanding the definition of the pharmacological and pharmacodynamic properties.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: nanosilver, pain, analgesics, analgesia
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