Лецитин и женские половые гормоны

Дроздов, А.Л. and Силкина, Ю.В. and Лозовик, О.М. and Марзан, А.А. (2017) Лецитин и женские половые гормоны. ЧМП «Экономика», Днепропетровск. ISBN N 978-966-2637-50-2


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This manual is a finalization of a small cycle of studies dedicated to analysis of the effect of soy (LS) and sunflower (LSF) lecithin on concentration of steroid hormones in blood serum of white rats in terms of a 2-week intoxication with tetrachloromethane (ССl4, TCl M). The use of ССl4 results in a raise of hydrocortisone and estradiol level (especially on day 3 of the observations), along with progesterone and, especially, testosterone depletion of serum cool. Such a shift in the concentration of steroid hormones in blood corresponded to increase in the diameter and area of the endocrinocyte nuclei of zona fasiculata and, especially, zona reticularis of adrenal cortex, combined with a decrease in width and destruction of this zone. The use of lecithins has a relatively weak effect on morphological indexes of adrenal cortex endocrinocytes' nuclei compared to tetrachloromethane. Lecithin of soya as well as sunflower, does not block a tendency to increase of diameter and area of nuclei in all areas of adrenal cortex. However, both LS and LSF significantly reduce DN of zona fasiculata and zona reticularis on day 3 of the experiment compared to the effects of ССl4. Significant differences were found in the effects of LS and LSF on the concentration of steroid hormones in blood serum of rats at intoxication with CCL4. They include the ability of LS to increase hydrocortisone level, probably due to the blockade of synthesis of all groups of sex steroids, especially expressed on day 3 of the observations. LSF effects were characterized by stabilization of hydrocortisone level, activation of testosterone formation, especially on 7-14 days, probably due to depletion of progesterone pool and blockade of estradiol synthesis on day 14 of the experiment.

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