Електронно-мікроскопічні зміни в структурах гематотестикулярного бар'єру яєчок щурів після опромінення їх електромагнітним полем високої напруги низької частоти

Шарапова, О.М. (2017) Електронно-мікроскопічні зміни в структурах гематотестикулярного бар'єру яєчок щурів після опромінення їх електромагнітним полем високої напруги низької частоти. Вісник проблем біології і медицини, Вип. 3 (т. 2). pp. 110-112. ISSN 2077-4214


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Therapy of genitourinary system diseases caused by harmful environmental factors, including EMF, takes special place among the medico-biological problems. The number of people with such kind of pathology grows. Furthermore, under development of men’s reproductive system has straight influence on their physical and emotional health. Investigators have proved that the harmful influence of environment, including EMF, on internal genital organs may cause infertility, that puts this issue in a number of top-issues of modern surgery. The author sets a goal of determining the electronomicroscopic changes in the structures of hematotesticular barrier rats’ testicles that happens after long-term high-voltage EMF influence. The experiment of studying the influence of electromagnetic networks with tension 330 kV on animals was performed at the substation “Dnipropetrovsk” of Dnipro city. Male rats (45 animals) were at a height of 1,7 m above the ground level, radiated with EMF of 330 kV voltage, 50 Hz frequency, 1,5 hours five days a week for within 45 and 90 days. After removal of the testes from animals, testis tissues were processed by special technique and have been researched with the electronic microscope EM-125 of Sumy production association “Electron” (Ukraine). The author obtained following results: clearance between Leidig’s cells and visceral endothelium of blood vessels was filled with bundles of collagen fibers. Between the neighboring endotheliocytes overlapping contacts were found, often with complex configuration. Testicular parenchyma included sinuous seminal tubules diameter (0,231±0,037 mcm) in 45th day of observation was significantly greater than in control. In the seminiferous tubules appeared an increase in the number of protein granules in the Leidig’s cells. Interstitial endocrinocytes were located in the interstitium by groups of 7-12 cells around blood vessels and were the “closed” type interstitium, as they were surrounded by a continuous monolayer of lymphatic endothelium. Endothelial cells contained oval nucleus, nucleolus and cytoplasm, organelles of which were mostly located in paranuclear area. Processes of interstitial endocrinocytes contained many proteinal and large micro-pinocytosis vesicles, often forming through apertures in the elements of the cytoskeleton of cells. In this series of experiments appeared the proliferation of connective tissue volume density. In histological preparations of experiment in 90th day of observation sinuous seminal tubules reached the diameter 0,233±0,061 mcm (p<0,05). Interstitial endocrinocytes were filled with protein granules in larger quantities then in 45th day of observation. The researcher found that since the middle of the experiment, i.e. from 14th to 90th day of observation was the first phase of morphological changes in the testes – transformation, that was manifested in the gradual expansion of intraorganic bloodstream capacity of testis, increase of vesiculation of circulatory endothelium without development of its cell proliferation. Proliferation and hypertrophy were found among interstitial endocrinocytes; also was noticed lymphoid-histiocytic infiltration of the seminal gland stroma, oppression of spermatogenesis, which manifested itself in the decrease in the number of spermatozoons. Influence of EMF on testes causes morphological changes in spermatogenic epithelium, with the most vulnerable are spermatozoa. Reported morphological features of the endocrine system and intraorganic blood and lymphatic channels of testes at 90-day length of electromagnetic radiation are showing androgenic hypofunction.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: electromagnetic field, electronomicroscopia, testis, testicular tubule, spermatozoon; ЕМП, електронна мікроскопія, яєчко, гематотестикулярний бар'єр, клітини Лейдига; ЭМП, электронная микроскопия, яичко, гематотестикулярный барьер, клетки Лейдига.
Subjects: Morphology
Divisions: Departments > Department of human anatomy, clinical anatomy and operative surgery
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Date Deposited: 24 Jul 2018 13:52
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