Peculiarities of lung cancer clinical course in woman comparing with men

Syniachenko, O. and Yehudina, Ye.D. and Кhaniukov, О.O. and Stoliarova, O. and Stepko, F. (2018) Peculiarities of lung cancer clinical course in woman comparing with men. MOJ Women’s Health, Vol. 7 (N 3). pp. 96-102.

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Introduction: In recent years there has been a redistribution of the lung cancer (LC) frequency in groups of different sexes according to the histological variants, localization of the disease and dissemination. Aim: to evaluate the sexual dimorphism of the lung cancer (LC) clinical course, to reveal peculiarities of lung cancer clinical course in woman comparing with men. Patients and methods: there were 1071 LC patients under observation at the National Cancer Institute (Kyiv) from 2000 to 2015, which were included in the main object of the study. Among these patients there were 887 (82.8%) men and 184 (17.2%) women, at the age of 59.7±0.32 years and 57.0±0.89 years, respectively. Results: The patients’ sex has an effect on the integral parameters of the LC course, the localization of the tumor process and the nature of the complications. The side of the lung lesions, localization in lobes, the form of the disease, the histological variant of LC and its staging, the development of small cell cancer, adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma depend on the sex of the patients. Women had more often middle lobe right lung lesion and upper lobe localization of both lungs. Women were 52% more likely to have IV lung cancer stage; the germination of LC in the ribs was not observed in women at all, and the compression syndrome and tracheal injury accordingly appeared less often at 52% and 72%, whereas pleurisy was observed 2.2 times more often. Metastasis in women was observed 27 times more often in the thyroid gland, 16.5 times - in the abdominal wall, 2.2 times - in the brain. The metastatic lesion of the skeleton (the so-called “bone form of the LC”) was the prerogative of women. Adenocarcinoma of the upper lobe diagnosed in women 2.2 times more often, and squamous cell carcinoma - 2 times less often. Female sex has an effect on metastases in the mediastinal and inguinal lymphatic nodes, lung, thyroid and spine. The gender parameters of survival in men and women were the same. Conclusions: the course of the LC in woman has its own dimorphism, which is a risk factor for a severe tumorous process.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: DOI: 10.15406/mojwh.2018.07.00177
Uncontrolled Keywords: cancer, lung, women, dimorphism
Subjects: Internal diseases
Divisions: Departments > Department of Internal Medicine 3 (formerly - hospital therapy 2)
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Date Deposited: 22 Oct 2019 07:48
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