Температурный оптимум процесса сернокислотного разложения измененного ильменита

Николенко, Н.В. and Дубенко, А.В. and Вашкевич, Е.Ю. and Дмитрикова, Л.В. (2018) Температурный оптимум процесса сернокислотного разложения измененного ильменита. Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii = Вопросы химии и химической технологии, No. 3. pp. 70-78. ISSN 2413-7987 (Online), ISSN 0321-4095 (Print)

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The kinetics of the process of sulfatization of altered ilmenite from the Malyshevskoye deposit in 85% sulfuric acid solution has been studied under isothermal conditions in the temperature range of 100 to 2000C. The reaction products have been studied by XRD method and thermal analysis. The efficiency of titanium recovery in the sulfatization process at the temperatures of above 1900C after 150–180 minutes is shown to be reduced. This can be explained by the formation of a polymer form TiOSO4, which is insoluble in acids. The rate constants as well as the activation energies of each stage were determined separately for titanium and iron in the approximation of a two–stage model of the sulfatization process with the rate determining steps of the chemical reaction and one–dimensional diffusion. It has been concluded that the temperature optimum of the process of sulfatization of altered ilmenite is determined by two following factors. It is necessary to raise the temperature of the reaction mixture to maximize the process rate, but the polymerization process of TiOSO4 is accelerated abruptly starting from 2000C that leads to the formation of precipitate which is insoluble in acids. Изучена кинетика процессасульфатизации 85%-ной серной кислотой измененного ильменита Малышевского месторорждения в изотермических условиях в интервале температур 100–200 С. Продукты реакции изучены методами РФА и термического анализа. Показано, что эффективность извлечения титана в процессе сульфатизации при температуре выше 190 С через 150–180 мин сульфатизации уменьшается, что объясняется образованием нерастворимой в кислотах полимерной формы TiOSO4.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: sulfatization; pseudorutile; rutile; ilmenite; rate constant; activation energy; сульфатизация, псевдорутил, рутил, ильменит, константа скорости, энергия активации.
Subjects: Physical and Colloid Chemistry
Divisions: Departments > Department of Biochemistry and medical chemistry
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Date Deposited: 29 Oct 2019 12:44
Last Modified: 29 Oct 2019 13:32
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