Роль и значение латинского языка в подготовке успешного специалиста в медицинском ЗВО

Крамар, С.Б. and Назарова, Д.И. and Филипенко, В.В. (2019) Роль и значение латинского языка в подготовке успешного специалиста в медицинском ЗВО. Український журнал медицини, біології та спорту, Т. 4 (№ 2). pp. 246-250. ISSN 2415-3060 (Print), 2522-4972 (Online)

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The article deals with the issues of improving the training of medical specialists. The authors emphasize the importance of the departments of elementary courses in the preparation of domestic and foreign students for their further education in theoretical and clinical departments. The article discusses the importance of inter-departmental integration for achieving the goals set: training a high-quality specialist. The Latin language, as one of the first disciplines, which will further ensure the introduction to the study of specialized subjects, should interact with basic theoretical disciplines, such as human anatomy and histology. Basic theoretical departments provide the grounds for the system of medical knowledge and prepare students for adaptation in clinical departments. Knowledge of systemic anatomy is necessary for training at the department of topographic and clinical anatomy. The current level of studying a person has moved to the subcellular level, because basic histological knowledge is applicable at any clinical department of the university. Fundamentals of medical terminology are present in all theoretical departments, but the main work on the development of medical terminology is carried out by the department of language training. Knowledge of specialized medical terminology provides professional terminological literacy of a medical specialist. The particular interest lies the study of anatomical and histological vocabulary, since anatomical terms are studied in Latin in anatomy classes and in the first year Latin language classes. This allows students to use acquired theoretical knowledge in practice (i.e., in anatomy class), namely, to correctly read, learn and understand, construct, translate anatomical and histological terms. The overall goal, both of the anatomy teacher and the Latin language teacher, is to teach students effective ways to memorize terms. At the initial stage, from all types of speech activity (listening, speaking, reading, writing), in our opinion, we pay considerable attention to such types of speech activity as reading and listening (word perception by ear). Formation of practical skills and abilities is achieved by performing training exercises. The teacher should help the student to reduce the level of discomfort that occurs during the implementation of exercises to develop reading skills. The use of Latin pharmaceutical and clinical terminology is difficult, since in-depth study of specialized subjects begins on the third year, therefore, first-year students’ lack of knowledge in these subjects. It is particular important that the departments should cooperate for the adaptation of foreign students to different forms of education. The main task of effectively teaching a foreign language is to find the most rational approaches to mastering grammatical skills that ensure speech activity. It is necessary to take into account modern trends in the development of education, which entail an increase in the requirements for the qualifications and competencies of specialists. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the professional and psychological preparation of the future doctor as well as to the professional and pedagogical competence of the university teachers themselves, who are the keyfactors to high quality medical services.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: DOI: 10.26693/jmbs04.02.246
Uncontrolled Keywords: латинська мова, анатомія людини, успішність студентів у медичному ЗВО; латинский язык, анатомия человека, успеваемость студентов в медицинском вузе; Latin, human anatomy, student performance in a medical university.
Subjects: Medicine. Education
Teaching method
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