Pharmacological evaluation of the efficacy of metabolic drugs for acute biliary pancreatitis

Potapova, Tetiana and Kovalenko, Olena and Prokhach, Anna and Opryshko, Valentyna and Peleshenko, Hanna and Bashmakov, Dmytro and Yehorova, Svitlana (2019) Pharmacological evaluation of the efficacy of metabolic drugs for acute biliary pancreatitis. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, V. 11 (Iss 1). pp. 1682-1689. ISSN 0975-2366


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Rate of acute pancreatitis is up to 40 cases per year per 100,000 adults, while about 10-15% of patients have severe forms of this disease, among which the mortality rate reaches 80%. Aim: to experimentally evaluate the pharmacological efficacy of the combined use of drugs (immunomodulators, antioxidants and membrane protectors) in acute biliary pancreatitis with a high degree of severity. A laboratory rat population was used for the study. 210 animals were divided into 3 groups. Group 1 did not receive any drugs, group 2 received a combination of ferrovir, mexidol and phosphogliv, and group 3 received a combination of polyoxidonium and Essentiale N. Before and after the administration of drugs combination, the indicators of the immunological status and parameters of the oxidative system were evaluated. Combination of ferrovir, mexidol and phosphogliv with mild pancreatitis corrects 12.0% and normalizes 75% of the studied laboratory immune and oxidative indices, respectively. With a moderate degree of pancreatitis, these indicators were 19.2% and 45%, and with a severe degree, corresponding to the control values. For group 3, drug combination leads to normal laboratory values of immune and oxidative status in mild pancreatitis, with moderate severity it normalizes 27% and correlates in 73% of cases, and with severe severe it correlates with all studied results. As established experimentally, mild forms of biliary pancreatitis are completely corrected with different drug combinations. With moderate and severe severity, there are immunometabolic disorders recorded. The combination proposed in this case is neither sufficiently effective nor ineffective. This study has convincingly proved the relevance of drug treatment of mild biliary pancreatitis with drug combination on the example of laboratory animals. At the same time, drug treatment is ineffective for moderate and severe pancreatitis. The study requires the continuation and testing of the resulting drug combination for mild biliary pancreatitis.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: doi:10.31838/ijpr/2019.11.01.305.
Uncontrolled Keywords: biliary pancreatitis; ferrovir,mexidol, phosphogliv, polyoxidonium, Essentiale N, combination.
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Clinical medicine
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