Influence of Water Factor on the Incidence (XI, XIV, XIV) Classes of Diseases Among Adult Population in the Rural Taxons

Hryhorenko, L.V. and Denisenko, N.M. and Samoshkin, V.V. (2017) Influence of Water Factor on the Incidence (XI, XIV, XIV) Classes of Diseases Among Adult Population in the Rural Taxons. The Unity of Science: International Scientific Periodical Journal. pp. 59-61. ISSN 9091-1792 (print), 9091-175Х (online)

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Purpose of research: correlation analysis influence of some indicators of drinking water quality (total hardness, dry residue, Cl-, SO4-, salts of Ca, Mg, F, Al, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, nitrogen ammonia, nitrites, pH, nitrates, oxidation) to the incidence (XI, XIV, XIV) classes of diseases among adult population in the rural taxons of Dnipropetrovsk region for 2008 - 2013 years. Materials and Methods. Statistical processing and analysis results of research carried out by the medical statistical methods. Evaluation of the relationship between variables was carried out by coefficients of Spearman's rank correlation (r). Research methods: sanitary-toxicological, physical-chemical (for definition indicators of potable water quality from decentralized water supply sources); medico - statistical (mathematical processing obtained quantitative indicators, methods of variation statis­tics). Results of research and Discussion. In the local water sources from some rural taxons was shown, that salt arthropathy among adults was weakly correlated with all inorganic substances, except: pH + F + oxidability (r=0.01-0.28, p < 0.05). A similar trend was observed between salt arthropathy, which was correlated with all inorganic substances, except nitrate + oxidability (r= 0.03, p < 0.05). Weak correlation had been shown between a combined effect in water pH + F + nitrates and incidence of the stones of kidney and ureter diseases at the adult population (r=0.03, p <0.05).

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: rural taxons; morbidity (XI, XIV, XIV) classes of diseases; drinking water; adult population.
Subjects: Health and environment
Divisions: Departments > Department of Hygiene and Ecology
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Date Deposited: 13 Dec 2019 14:07
Last Modified: 13 Dec 2019 14:07

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