Ukraine: Health system review. Health Systems in Transition

Lekhan, Valery and Rudiy, Volodymyr and Shevchenko, Maryna and Nitzan-Kaluski, Dorit and Richardson, Erica (2015) Ukraine: Health system review. Health Systems in Transition. World Health Organization.


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This analysis of the Ukrainian health system reviews recent developments in organization and governance, health financing, health care provision, health reforms and health system performance. Since the country gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, successive governments have sought to overcome funding shortfalls and modernize the health care system to meet the needs of the population’s health. However, no fundamental reform of the system has yet been implemented and consequently it has preserved the main features characteristic of the Semashko model; there is a particularly high proportion of total health expenditure paid out of pocket (42.3% in 2012), and incentives within the system do not focus on quality or outcomes. The most recent health reform programme began in 2010 and sought to strengthen primary and emergency care, rationalize hospitals and change the model of health care financing from one based on inputs to one based on outputs. Fundamental issues that hampered reform efforts in the past re-emerged, but conf lict and political instability have proved the greatest barriers to reform implementation and the programme was abandoned in 2014. More recently, the focus has been on more pressing humanitarian concerns arising from the conflict in the east of Ukraine. It is hoped that greater political, social and economic stability in the future will provide a better environment for the introduction of deep reforms to address shortcomings in the Ukrainian health system.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Delivery of health care, evaluation studies, financing, health, health care reform, health system plans –organization and administration, Ukraine
Subjects: Social medicine, organization and health economics
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