Порушення функцій нервової та серцево-судинної систем в обрубувачів металевого лиття під впливом вібрації залежно від стажу роботи

Родіонова, В.В. and Бойко, О.О. and Глиняна, Л.А. and Ступак, Т.А. and Анісімова, А.А. (2020) Порушення функцій нервової та серцево-судинної систем в обрубувачів металевого лиття під впливом вібрації залежно від стажу роботи. Ukrainian Journal of Occupational Health = Український журнал з проблем медицини праці = Украинский журнал по проблемам медицины труда, 16 (2). pp. 135-142. ISSN Print 2223-6775 (print), 2663-9734 (online)

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Introduction. Vibration pathology is one of the leading occupational diseases in Ukraine. Highly skilled young and middleaged workers suffer, which necessitates detection of the disease at early stages. Workers who are exposed to local vibration may experience a combination of neurodynamic and autonomic disorders, significant changes in the cardiovascular system with the development of arterial hypertension. Purpose of the study – to determine early signs of influence of local vibration on nervous and cardiovascular systems in metal casters of metallurgical production, depending on the length of their service. Materials and methods of investigation. A randomized, open, controlled trial of 58 metalworkers using vibration equipment was conducted. All surveyed were male, with an average age of 45,3 (0,9) years. Anamnesis, complaints, neurological and cardiovascular status were studied. The skin electrothermometry, cold test, dynamometry, capillaroscopy, determination of vibration, tactile, pain sensitivity, blood pressure monitoring, ECG were used. The results of the study were processed using statistical methods of the licensed program STATISTICA 10.0 (StatSoftInc., Serial No. AGAR909E415822FA). Results. 22 workers were with the experience of work in contact with vibration up to 5 years, over 5 years – 36 people. The most frequent complaints were limb pain (56,9 %), permafrost (13,8 %), numbness (41,4 %), and arm weakness (15,6 %). Functional disorders of the autonomic nervous system were prevailed. The frequency and number of complaints increased with the increase of the experience in contacts with vibration. In the group of employees with more than 5 years of experience, along with the phenomena of vegetative dysfunction, manifestations of diffuse organic microsymptomatic lesions of the central nervous system were determined: nystagmus, asymmetry of nasolabial folds. Symptoms of oral automatism were already evident in workers with low work experience (50,0 %). In general, disorders of the nervous system fit into the picture of autonomic polyneuritis, asthenic-neurotic and vegetative-vascular syndromes. In the study of the cardiovascular system, 17 workers (29,3 %) reported complaints of pain in the heart area. Elevated blood pressure figures were found in 18 workers (31,0 %): 4 had work experience in contact with vibration up to 5 years and 14 workers – over 5 years. 9 workers had arterial hypertension of the 1st degree, 4 – arterial hypertension of the 2nd degree (with more than 5 years work experience). In the 1st group the SAT was 160,0 [141,0–177,0] mm Hg, and in the 2nd group it was 160,0 [140,0–173,5] mm Hg (p > 0,05), in the 1st group of patients DAT was 95,0 [80,0–96,0] mm Hg, and in the 2nd group – 100,0 [97,0–105,0] mm Hg (p = < 0,05), the heart rate in the 1st group was 60,0 [56,5–64,0] b/pm and 78,0 [73,0–85,5] b/pm in the 2nd group (p < 0,05). In the study of capillary circulation, the normal state of capillaries was determined in 16,3 % of workers with the work experience of up to 5 years. With the increase of the length of experience, the spastic type of disorder was more frequent, the spastic-atonic syndrome was noted in 10,2 % with the experience of more than 5 years, the atonic state of the capillaries – in 4,1 % of cases. The ECG showed a tendency for tachycardia and a prolongation of the PQ interval in the examined workers with more than 5 years' experience. Conclusion. 1. Workers who are exposed to industrial local vibration for up to 5 years there were developed early signs of functional disorders of the autonomic nervous system. Symptoms of diffuse organic micro-symptomatic symptoms were occurred over a period of more than 5 years. 2. Chippers of metal casting, subjected to vibration up to 5 years, have impaired capillary circulation by spastic type, with the increase in the work experience – by spastic-atonic and atonic type. 3. Workers with more than 5 years of experience with vibration showed a significant increase in heart rate and diastolic blood pressure, as compared to those who had worked with vibration for less than 5 years, worsening of the general state of health and aggravation of hypertension.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: вплив локальної вібрації, ранні порушення серцево-судинної системи, нервової системи; influence of local vibration, early disorders of the cardiovascular and nervous systems; влияние локальной вибрации, ранние нарушения сердечно-сосудистой и нервной систем.
Subjects: Occupational diseases
Divisions: Departments > Department of occupational diseases, clinical immunology and clinical pharmacology
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Date Deposited: 07 Sep 2020 10:24
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