Сучасні підходи до лікування часто рецидивуючої кропив'янки

Дитятковська, Є.М. and Бендецька, Ю.В. and Родкіна, І.А. and Недогибченко, Н.О. (2019) Сучасні підходи до лікування часто рецидивуючої кропив'янки. Медичні перспективи=Medicni perspektivi, Т. 24 (№ 4). pp. 89-93. ISSN 2307-0404

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Current approaches to the treatment of frequently recurrent urticaria. Dytyatkovska E.M., Bendetska Yu.V., Rodkina I.A., Nedogibchenko N.А. The article presents summarized materials on etiology, pathogenesis, classification, clinical manifestations and treatment of chronic urticuria, The management of patients with this pathology at Dniprovsky Allergological Center was analyzed. For assessment of quality of life SKINDEX-29 questionnaire was used. The questionnaire includes three sections: symptoms, emotions and functions. Physical symptoms include six points: tenderness, heartburn or tingling, itching unpleasant sensations when cotacting with water, skin irritation, sensitivity. The emotional sphere is characterized by such ten points as: concern about the condition of the skin; deppression; feeling of shame; concern that scars can remain after skin disease; feelings about worsening of the skin; anxious mood; embarrassment, feeling of humiliation; skin irritation; rejection of oneself. “Features” section has twelve items: sleep quality; work and hobbies; social activity; sex life; solitude; fatigue; unwillingness to leave home; limiting intimacy with others; complexity in carrying out daily activities; difficulty in expressing feelings; obstruction to create relationships with others; limiting close communication with relatives. Gastrointestinal system was also examined: fibrogastroduodenoscopy with determination of Helicobacter Pylori, ultrasound diagnosis of abdominal organs, the intensity of clinical symptoms was determined on a UAS7 scale. Fifteen patients (including eight women and seven men) were successfully treated with omalizumab. The mean age was 39.1 ± 3.6 years. The average duration of the disease in patients was 5.1 ± 0.9 years. The intensity of symptoms was determined before treatment after the first and second injection of Omalizumab. After the first injection, there was a positive trend. The clinical effect occurred in seventy-two hours. Statistical processing of the study results was performed using Statistica v.6.1® software. (StatSoft, USA). The inclusion of omalizumab is an effective treatment for chronic urticaria in the absence of an effect from antihistamines.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: https://doi.org/10.26641/2307-0404.2019.4.189327
Uncontrolled Keywords: хронічна кропив'янка, імуноглобуліни E, омалізумаб; хроническая крапивница, иммуноглобулины E, омализумаб; chronic urticaria, immunoglobulins E, omalizumab
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