Сognitive functions and structure of disorders in patients with hypertension

Krotova, V. (2020) Сognitive functions and structure of disorders in patients with hypertension. Journal of Internal Medicine: Science & Art (№ 1). pp. 16-21. ISSN 2693-7476

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Age, heredity, and cardiovascular disease, especially arterial hypertension, are important risk factors for cognitive impairment (CI). The aim of the study is to determine the features of the development and structure of cognitive impairment in p atients with controlled stage II arterial hypertension using a battery of neuropsychological tests. The main group of the study consisted of 157 patients with hypertension and mean age of 52.3±0.68 years. According to the MoCA test in patients with hyperte nsion, there was a decrease in scores on all subscales compared to healthy controls, but the largest deviations (over 20% of the maximum score) were observed in the ability to perform serial subtraction (35.0 %), delayed recall (27.0 %), abstraction (24.0 %), and in visual - constructive / executive skills (21.0 %). All patients with hypertension with detected CI had deviations of concentration in the excitatory process of the visual and motor analyzers. Thus, only 2 patients (1.3 %) performed tasks without e rrors in either of the 5 sectors (normal), up to 4 sectors coped with counting 28 patients (17.8 %), up to 3 sectors - 65 patients (41.4 %), up to 2 sectors - 56 patients(35.7%), another 6 patients (3.8%) aged 55 to 65 years could not complete the task wi thout errors - by method F.E. Rybakov. The level of attention and speed of sensor y - motor reactions was carried out according to the method of "Schulte Tables". Patients were characterized by rapid fatigue, uneven performance of the task, and refusal to per form further due to fatigue and inability to concentrate. The average time of the task in patients of the main group throughout the study exceeded the data of patients in the comparison group by 1.3 - 1.6 times, and healthy individuals by 1.4 - 1.7 times. Pati ents with hypertension have disorders at different levels of higher brain functions that correspond to all areas of human cognitive activity, but the most affected are neurodynamic processes (the ability to concentrate, the speed of psychomotor reactions) and verbal memory, which affect efficiency and success in work, which is important for medical rehabilitation and maintaining the mental health of patients.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Mental health, Arterial hypertension, Cognitive impairment , Neuropsychological tests.
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