Influence of care quality on the consumption of health resources

Lekhan, V.M. and Volchek, V.V. (2015) Influence of care quality on the consumption of health resources. Management In Health, T. XIX (N 3). pp. 9-12.

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BACKGROUND: It is considered. that quality health care, compared with low quality, should cost more expensive. International scientific researches prove that high quality of care can save resources; low quality, on the contrary, is more resource-intensive. AIM: A comprehensive study of the factors, reasons and components of resources cosns is associated with low quality of care for the further development of measures to reduce it. METHODS: Using a systems approach and analysis, bibliographic method, graphical method for determining the cause-and-effect relationships between the factors and consequences (Ishikawa diagram), method of conceptual modeling allowed to process more than 500 sources, 86 of which, were selected for in-depth study. RESULTS: As a result, comprehensive analys of components of the costs associated with low quality of care, found that it should be considered at the micro and macro level,in health care system (health care costs and the costs associated with the shortcomings of the system, respectively) and outside (costs of patients, their families and the cost of society). Among the shortcomings of health care system, most of problems are associated with fragmentation of activities.

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