Лецитин и кора надпочечников

Дроздов, А.Л. and Краснов, А.А. and Силкина, Ю.В. (2016) Лецитин и кора надпочечников. ЧМП «Экономика», Днепропетровск.

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The Manual provides a summary of structure and blood supply of adrenal glands, synthesis, biodegradation and diagnostic value of glucocorticoids. Considering lecithin as an agent capable to show stress protective activity, the analysis was carried out to assess the impact of soy (LS) and sunflower (LSF) lecithin on blood serum hydrocortisone concentration, morphological structure, ratio of areas of adrenal parts, zones of its cortex, area and diameter of nuclei of their endocrinocytes in condition of tetrachloromethane (ССl4) intoxication. It is shown that ССl4 causes cortisol level elevation, extension of cortical part, diameter and area of endocrinocytes´ nuclei and gross violations of structural and architectural gland components by the end of the 14th day of the experiment. Stabilization of blood hormone level and normalization of morphological and morphometric parameters of state of adrenal glands and their cortex part were registered when LS and LSF were used. The Manual is designed for practitioners, researchers, teachers of biological, medical and biological, medical specialties of institutes of higher education, experts and students.

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