Вплив питної води на розповсюдженість хвороб крові, органів кровотворення та анемії серед дитячого населення сільських таксонів Дніпропетровської області

Григоренко, Л.В. and Шевченко, О.А. (2017) Вплив питної води на розповсюдженість хвороб крові, органів кровотворення та анемії серед дитячого населення сільських таксонів Дніпропетровської області. Вісник ВДНЗУ «Українська медична стоматологічна академія», Т. 17 (в. 4). pp. 90-94. ISSN 2077-1096 print; 2077-1126 online

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Objectives: to investigate dynamics of prevalence of the diseases of blood, blood-producing organs and anaemia among child in the some rural taxa of Dnepropetrovsk region, and to carry out correlation analysis between some indicators of potable water quality and prevalence of the diseases. The analysis of preva- lence rate of the diseases (15 classes according to ICD-X) was conducted in 22 rural districts of the Dne- propetrovsk region, which were divided into 6 types of taxa. Retrospective analysis of the prevalence rate of the diseases was carried out on the basis of official statistical documented records provided by the official state health care settings. Statistical processing and analysis of findings obtained was carried out by the medical statistical methods. Evaluation of the relationship between variables was carried out by calculating Spearman's rank correlation (r) coefficients. Critical level of statistical significance (p) was accepted at the level (p< 0.05). Research methodology included sanitary-toxicological, physical, chemical (for detecting indi- cators of potable water quality from decentralized water supply sources) technique; statistical (mathematical) processing to obtain quantitative indicators, methods of variation statistics. Structure of the disease preva- lence among 14 year old children in the different taxa of Dnepropetrovsk region demonstrated the different classes of diseases, and in particular, infectious and parasitic diseases; diseases of digestive organs; geni- tourinary; musculoskeletal and other classes of disease: diseases of blood and hematopoetic organs; anae- mia; tumours; and some nosological forms as congenital anomalies. It has been found out circulatory dis- eases held the leading position in the prevalence rate in the majority of rural taxa during 2008 – 2013 years. It has been determined, that among the children in the 5 taxa there was the highest positive rate in the growth of prevalence of all diseases (+4.3 %), infectious and parasitic diseases (+17.4%), cancerous dis- eases (+20.7 %), diseases of blood and hematopoietic organs (+7.1 %), anaemia (+5.9 %), endocrine sys- tem (+2.2 %), circulatory system (+42.3 %), digestive system (+1.4 %). The paper demonstrates the correlation between higher salt content of the potable water taken from decentralized sources and content of some heavy metals (Zn, Cu, Mn) and some substances (pH, F, Al, nitrogen ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, oxidability) and the prevalence of diseases among children as well as tumours (r=0.87); diseases of blood and hemato- poietic organs (r=0.74–0.95); anaemia (r=0.79–0.87); diseases of genitourinary system (r=0.79–0.82); con- genital anomalies (r=0.87), including circulatory system (r=0.74–0.95) in the some taxa of the Dnepropet- rovsk region (p<0.001)

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: сільські таксони, розповсюдженість ІІІ класу хвороб, анемії, питна вода, дитяче населення. rural taxa, prevalence of III class diseases, anemia, potable water.
Subjects: Health and environment
Divisions: Departments > Department of Hygiene and Ecology
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Date Deposited: 12 Dec 2019 14:52
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