Assessment of Trees Vitality in Urban Landscape of Steppe Zone

Volodarets, Svitlana O. and Zaytseva, Iryna O. and Gluchov, Olexander Z. and Maslak, Anna S. (2020) Assessment of Trees Vitality in Urban Landscape of Steppe Zone. Ecologia Balkanica, 1. pp. 41-56. ISSN 1313-9940

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During planning of green planting in cities, vital status of plants which make up thegroups is taken into account first. The methods of assessment of morphological and physiologicalparameters of the vital status are the most widely used ones. In the process of work, the vitality ofwoody plants was evaluated under the impact of anthropogenic pressure in the framework of thephysiological state, which is determined to a great extent by the content of chlorophylls in theleaves of trees. The content of green and yellow pigments was studied in the drought conditions ofvegetative period for 8 species of trees which are common in green planting of cities in the South-East of Ukraine. Stable species (Populus simonii Carrier, Populus × canadensis Moench) respond byincrease in the content of chlorophylls at maximum air temperatures during the growing season.Nonsufficient-stable species show significant effect of the amount of rainfall on the changes inchlorophyll content in leaves, which is the evidence of their adaptive capacity. Deterioration of thefunctional state of trees in street and park planting compared to suburban territories was revealed,confirmed by reduced chlorophyll content and increase in carotenoids. For the further introductionin the urban greening of industrial cities of steppe zone, the models of influence of themeteorological factors on the content of green pigments in the leaves of Polulus simonii and Acerpseudoplatanus L. are proposed.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: trees, urban environment, total chlorophylls, carotenoids, meteorological factors, exhaust gases.
Subjects: Ecology
Divisions: Departments > Department of Biochemistry and medical chemistry
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Date Deposited: 17 Sep 2020 08:08
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