Investigation the long-term storage of Aerococcus

Stepanskyi, D.O. and Koshova, I.P. and Kremenchutskyi, G.M. (2016) Investigation the long-term storage of Aerococcus. Wschodnioeuropejskie Czasopismo Naukowe (East European Scientific Journal), № 2 (6). pp. 70-73.

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Methods of nondurable storage are one of the simplest, that don’t mind an expensive equipment and at the same time are irreplaceable in everyday work with microorganisms. Receipt the subcultures or periodical resowing on fresh agar medium that refers to the oldest and those that have become the traditional methods of support and preservation of bacterial cultures as in laboratory, as in industrial conditions. Interval between resowing depends on microorganism, medium that is used, temperature conditions of storage Method of periodical resowing is simple in accomplishment and is used for a lot of microorganisms. It’s accessible to everyone and easily allows controlling the quantity of strains. A shortcoming of this method is the necessary of observance the regulations reshowing requirement in a lot of crockery, nutrient mediums, a lot of time, risk to pollute the culture, mistakes during signing the strains or attaching the wrong label, incidents of selection, risk to lose the culture. There are known the incidents of change the biological qualities of microbiological cultures or even their death. By the help of drying the blood medium with pigmental colonies reach the effective immobilization of aerococcus cells in obtained pieces of dry nutrient medium. Arrangement of dry pieces with immobilized aerococcus in sterile crockery prevents the contamination of aerococcus cultures with other microorganisms, covering the pieces with mineral oil prevents the destruction of aerococcus cells in a short time. During the investigation there were determined different indices of vival activity of aerococcus: biochemical, physiological and morphological. During the verification of storage time it was determined that the time of storage aerococcus by the declared way exceed in 10 times the time of storage the aerococcus by prototype.

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