The frequency of joints manifestations of inflammatory bowel disease in the practice of a rheumatologist

Sulima, Olena and Sulyma, Volodymyr (2020) The frequency of joints manifestations of inflammatory bowel disease in the practice of a rheumatologist. Current Challenges of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Mexico City, Mexico, March 6-7, 2020. Symposium 218 : Abstracts. Poster-No 33.

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Introduction: Joint manifestations of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are observed in 30% of cases. Their largest share is in total forms of ulcerative colitis (UC) 85–90% and Crohn's disease (CD) involving the colon 30–35% or large and small intestines 60%. The pathogenesis of articular manifestations remains unclear. The importance of increased permeability of the intestinal wall, which is noted in patients with UC and CD, is discussed, as a result of which the components of the membrane wall of bacteria enter the bloodstream. These components act as peptide antigens that can lead to the development of arthritis. Contacting the molecules of histocompatibility complexes and further activating T-lymphocytes, peptides lead to joint inflammation. From the point of view of a rheumatologist, the articular manifestations of IBD are classified as seronegative spondyloarthropathies. Methods: During 2013–2018, we studied the frequency of treatment of patients with IBD with extraintestinal articular manifestations for examination to a rheumatologist. We analyzed the ratio of the number of patients with IBD having joints manifestations, which were confirmed and diagnosed by a rheumatologist or consulted in the areas of a gastroenterologist and a surgeon-proctologist.

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